The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unexpected challenges across all business and societal sectors. In the wake of the pandemic, a newfound focus on sustainable and equitable solutions for economic recovery has reshaped how we think about investing. Sustainability in investing has become a dominant trend, and a prominent Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment firm has recently released its fourth annual Sustainability Trends Report.

The Sustainability Trends Report

Compiled by Generation Investment Management, the investment firm co-founded by former United States Vice President Al Gore, the Sustainability Trends Report was published in summer 2020. The report draws on more than 190 sources in uncovering the shifts and trends influencing businesses and investors toward more equitable and safer investment solutions. The fourth annual report is timely, as it reflects the challenges governments and businesses faces as they work toward economic recovery post-pandemic.

In the report, political and societal realities have confronted business and government leaders. To ensure a healthier, safer, and more equitable business environment, the report calls for three major initiatives:

  1. Development on the government level of green recovery, or investment and industrial policies that ensure a sustainable transition toward economic recovery.

Trends Revealed in the Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Trends Report highlights emerging trends in a wide range of industrial and business sectors. The sectors include healthcare, energy, finance, development, transportation, and consumers. Many of the trends are related to greenhouse gas emissions as a response to growing climate crises. Other trends are responses to the severe economic downturns created by widespread pandemic lockdown orders. Some of the key trends identified in the report include:

  • Weaknesses in healthcare delivery are paving the way for advanced and inclusive options such as telemedicine. With access to healthcare difficult for many under-represented populations, healthcare businesses are redirecting their efforts to developing direct-to-consumer delivery models.

Sustainable business development and investing continue to shape decisions on both corporate and government levels. ESG investing has demonstrated great value, providing a firm foundation for sustainable, equitable, and inclusive options for everyone.

Hoboken financial professional, portfolio manager, and qualitative consultant. President of Elysian Charter School and treasurer of Hoboken Quality of Life Co.

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